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Laura Schile

Laura Schile

As a nationally renowned expert, Laura brings more than 20 years of experience in research and the forensic sciences to our clients.

She is court qualified as an expert in DNA analysis, serology, crime scene investigation, evidence collection and handling, and hair comparison.

Laura has worked with the University of Texas M.D. Anderson research center, The Texas Department of Public Safety, and as the DNA Lab Manager for the Oklahoma City Police Department. Her most recent affiliation was with the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, consulting on all aspects of the forensic sciences in relation to trial and appeal processes. Laura is ASCLD certified as a technical leader, and a member of various professional organizations.

Laura’s comprehensive mix of knowledge and experience enables her to advise on how to use many different types of information and evidence to support a competent defense or effective prosecution. Based on case review, she will recommend strategies for witness interviews, inclusion, exclusion or further testing of evidence, court testimony or other expert assistance.

Karen Mize

karens picture

Karen's more than 20 years of law enforcement experience provides our clients with a unique perspective on the integration of forensic science into case investigation and police and prosecution procedure. As a retired Oklahoma City Police officer, she has worked on many different kinds of cases, and understands the methods and issues encountered in investigation and case preparation.

Karen's analysis, in cooperation with our forensic expertise, provides an effective combination of insight and expertise to plan the best course of action to insure a successful outcome for the case under review.