About Us

About Us

Our team at Pocket Expert has over 40 years of combined experience in forensic sciences, case investigation and police and prosecution procedures. This means you know you are talking to real experts!

  • We are experienced in both litigation and appeals.
  • Extensive Knowledge and experience with law enforcement, prosecution and defense.
  • Interpretation of DNA/Lab reports you can understand and use.
  • We can help you decide if additional testing needs to be performed and assist you in finding the right lab to do it.
Pocket Expert LLC

With access to medical experts, pathologists, crime scene reconstruction experts, drug experts and a wide variety of others, your case will never be at a loss.

We pride ourselves on understanding how legal decisions can apply to your case, such as Daubert, Kumho and Ake.

Additionally, staying current on new technology and its acceptance by the courts is a priority for us.

Chris Lasch

Assistant Professor at University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Ms. Schile provided expert consultation on a criminal case. She is a tireless professional, dedicated to high-quality forensic analysis with integrity. I give her my highest recommendation.

As a a small company, we are dedicated in providing expert services and case consultation for an affordable price as well as providing low cost training and education for Police, Lawyers, and Judges.

Contact us today and we can get started working together.