We have worked with a vast variety of professionals, here is a sampleing of what they have had to say about the experience:

Laura has been a forensic consultant and has been listed as an expert witness for our firm in several cases. Laura works closely with the legal team. She is outstanding in her ability to educate the lawyers on the salient forensic issues and has an excellent litigation mindset in preparing the legal team for cross examination of opposing experts, chain-of-custody witnesses, and law enforcement. As an in-court witness I have found her to fully prepared, confident in her testimony, capable on cross, persuasive, and likable by the Court and jurors. I have worked with hundreds of expert witnesses covering numerous disciplines. Laura ranks at the top.

Wayne Woodyard

Deputy Division Chief, Oklahoma Indigent Defense Systems

I worked with Laura for several years on murder and death penalty cases. She was particularly helpful to me on my DNA questions and greatly added to my education on DNA matters. She also has a wide range of knowledge on a variety of sciences. Laura was especially helpful on one non-DNA case involving the death of a child. With her help on reconstruction of a how a child was fatally scalded by hot water, we were able to show the Court that the injury was accidental and not murder. The client was found not guilt of murder in the first degree and only convicted on a lesser related offense. I believe Laura would a valuable asset on any case.

Susan Sharp

Professor/Presidential Professor at University of Oklahoma, David Ross Boyd

I have known of Laura and her work for over ten years, and I have brought her to my classes at the University of Oklahoma as a forensics expert. She is truly exceptional. Her breadth and depth of knowledge in the field is outstanding, and she is very conscientious. I recommend her to anyone seeking a criminalist/forensics expert.

James Alexander Drummond

Texas Bar # 24081380, Round Rock, TX

As a criminal defense attorney I have worked with Laura both as a colleague, when we served together while I was Chief of the Non-Capital Trial Division and Laura was Chief of Forensic Services, as well as when we both were in private practice. Laura Schile, working with her colleague Karen Mize, have been seminally responsible for favorable outcomes in a large number of cases. While Laura’s expertise is in DNA evidence, she is knowledgeable in a wide variety of forensic disciplines such as crime scene reconstruction, microscopic hair evidence, and numerous others. She has changed the conclusions of medical examiners on several occasions by her analysis and persuasion. She is hard-working, diligent, and a huge asset at the counsel table in jury trials. I cannot imagine a more thorough and incisive expert in any case involving forensic evidence. She is deeply respected by defense counsel and prosecutors alike, from exposing Joyce Gilchrist’s nefarious actions in the Oklahoma City Police lab, to assisting the prosecution in the Kobe Bryant matter. I am honored and pleased to endorse Laura, and her highly capable investigator and retired 20-year veteran police officer Karen Mize, for any trial support team.

Andy Lester

Laura is excellent at what she does and holds the highest ethical standards. You can always count on Laura.

Chris Lasch

Ms. Schile provided expert consultation on a criminal case. She is a tireless professional, dedicated to high-quality forensic analysis with integrity. I give her my highest recommendation.

Mark Barrett

Attorney, Barrett Law Office

Laura Schile is skilled, experienced, credentialed, and dedicated to accomplishing her analyses correctly. She has worked to advance the proficiency and integrity of her profession.